It’s fairly cheap and it’s also close to home

Opinions On Location Needed

dirt cheap jordans from china I’m trying to open a used car dealership but obviously I need a location first. By law (and common sense on some things) I am required certain things in a place that I do find. Because cheap jordans in china of this, and because I want a good location, I have to wait for something that will suit me and the legal requirements. I’m looking to sell lower priced cars that people don’t need to get a second mortgage to own. There is a market in this area for cars between $3,000 and $7,000. that is my target market. dirt cheap jordans from china

Anyway, today cheap Air max shoes a place went up for lease that will not only fit the legal end Cheap jordans of it all but seems like a good location for me as well. The problem is, my business partner (my wife!) doesn’t think it’s a good choice.

It’s on a busy road, and it has a large parking area to display inventory. It’s fairly cheap and it’s also close to home. What could possibly be bad about it, right?

cheap jordans for youth Across the street, directly across the street, is a new car dealership. Ford dealer. They obviously sell new cars but also sell used cars that usually start at around $12,000. My business partner doesn’t like this location because of the dealer across the road. She has no real reason that she can convey to me as to why the location isn’t good. I assume she is just intimidated by having an established dealership so close. I, on the other hand, think the dealer is a bonus. My reasoning is that we won’t cheap jordan sneakers be in competition with them as the prices cheap jordans china are so far apart. I also consider the fact that if people are looking for used cars and they go to the Ford dealer and see $12,000 and up. and that is more than they are looking to spend, they have an option right across the road. To me, it’s a win win situation. cheap jordans for youth

cheap nike jordans What does everyone else think about this? Am I looking at this incorrectly? cheap nike jordans

cheap jordans 30 dollars Wondergirl. My partner is still cheap jordans from china unsure cheap jordans shoes about the whole Ford thing. Meeting them, for her, would probably be out of the question. Thank you for your help. if I go with that place, I may just get up the nerve to go over there. cheap jordans 30 dollars

cheap jordans real Fr_Chuck. You bring up some good points and I thank you for that. My father was a car salesman for about 30 years so I have some inside help from him with his guidance. cheap jordans real

The market I would be using for the majority of my cars would be the dealer auctions around here. There a 3 within 2 hours of me, one of them is cheap jordans online fairly close. I have not been to them as I am required to have a dealer license before I can do so. I can’t get the dealer license until I have a place picked out and set up.

cheap jordans 5 As far as the mechanic part of it. I have 2 ways to handle it. I was a mechanic for 15 years. I also was a detailer in a business for 2 years and did it as a side business for about 5 cheap air jordan years. So, I can handle much of that stuff. The main thing I will do though for mechanical situations, I have numerous contacts in shops around here. I would probably cheap nike shoes try to set up an account with a shop to cheap jordans for sale handle oil changes and safety inspections on all cars that I take in. I figure that this is a selling point as many used dealers around here don’t offer that. One dealer here (who would be my main competition) gets his cars from the auction and puts them right on the lot. no inspections, no repairs, no detailing. And it looks like you’re in a tattoo parlor when you walk into his office. Very unprofessional. cheap jordans 5

cheap jordans that are real Talk to a dealer perhaps in a cheap jordans on sale town close to you and see if they will take you, or put you on a list to go cheap adidas to several of the cheap yeezys sales. Of course there are always some issues with auction cars you find when you get them back ( or the ones that break down on the way back) Do you have a small auto transport to haul them back from the auction if you go and buy two or three? cheap jordans that are real

What we did in the past of course was a dealer finance, and the down payment was the price we paid for the car. If we bought it at auction for 1000 and the Kelly price was 3500 we might price it at 4000 and carry the loan with 1000 dollar down. That way we never cheap jordans free shipping really lost money. And of course often made the extra money cheap jordans from china on the car if they could not pay and we took the car back and sold it two or even three times. Then we had some “cash only” cars, the very bottom end cars that we may have bought for 500 to 1000 we sold out for 2000 to 2500. was a some years ago, guess that would be a high price now.

cheap jordans xx9 Latter we sold some of our papers to ( I think General Financeor one of the local companies) for about 70 percent of value but we got all the money up front. cheap jordans xx9

cheap jordans 11 red But honestly, across from another car dealer sounds just perfect to me, people looking for cars will be driving past there, but the main thing is, the traffic flow of the road, how many 1000 people travel that road a day Busy road and big sign the best advertising you can get. cheap jordans 11 red

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OK so I had to break up with cheap jordans sale my boyfriend because I am mormon and we are not allowed to date until we are 16 and he and I are the same religon and we were both 14 so I was told by god and stupid as that may sound to some of that I would be blessed for keeping the commandments and that I knew what.

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Girl I am seeing. HELPI have been seeing this girl for nearly 3 months now and all has been going well. From the start I kept my own life, made sure to see her no more than 2 3 times a week(as.

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cheap air jordans men Im in a sticky situation and I need a guys advice on wha I should do. Here’s a little back story. I met a guy through work (no longer works wit me) we clicked really well and our flirtyness became more physical. When I asked him why he been single so long he says he not looking for a. cheap air jordans men

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I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

real authentic jordans for cheap Myself and another coworker answer to two bosses. 1 is the manager, 2 is a Supervisor. My coworker is very social and does not fill her day in a productive manner. There are a lot of details I won’t bore you with, but she has been spoken to about her real authentic jordans for cheap.

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