” “We’ll do that, for sure!” Jennifer replied, and was back out

Heather Saw The New Movie

Saturday night at the movies Fargo Saturday evenings were the time for doing fun things. On this particular Saturday evening in the middle of August, Heather and her friends, Karla and Kari Kinne, moncler outlet decided to go see the movie, “Fargo.” It had first been released in March, so had been written about in many of the magazines teenaged girls read as well as magazines and moncler sale online newspapers for the general public. It was a quirky film by Joel and Ethan Coen, starring Frances McDormand and William H. Macy. That made it quirky and something to talk about by itself. However, this was said to be one of those movies you talked about more after you saw it even then before. They had decided to check it out.

Kari (pronounced Car ee) was in Heather’s class in school. They had ridden the bus to school together since, well, forever. Karla was two years older than Kari, so she had her driver’s license. Their Dad, Kevin Kinne (pronounced Kin ee), let them use the family’s red moncler online store 1990 Chevy Pickup. So the three girls had their own transportation on a Saturday night, so long as their parents generally knew where they were going. The Kinne farm was a mile south of the Homeplace farm, on State Highway 37. The maternal Williams line had been traced to 1890 and earlier. Karla and Kari, along with Heather, moncler outlet sale were all active in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) as well. They were fortunate that the Oak Springs High School allowed young women to participate in FFA. They each had said moncler usa it was their favorite class and activity.

After the movie, the girls stopped off at Plumblee’s Ice Cream Parlor, which was a popular gathering place for young folks on a late Saturday night. They continued their discussion of the quirky movie they had seen, especially the Fargo accents, the pregnant lady sheriff, and some of the more gory scenes. They all agreed they were glad to have seen it, but were not sure they cared to see another like it anytime soon. The Lyric Theater just got one new movie a week. They were lucky to have an open movie theater in town at all. Many of the rural small communities had lost their theaters along with many other conveniences over the years. Needing to drive up to an hour or more to a larger town was now normal to do what had been available in the home town a few years earlier. The coming of moncler sale the community college campus had helped keep Oak Springs alive, folks were saying. But how long would it last?

The girls talked about their FFA projectsTheir talk soon turned to their FFA projects for the cheap moncler jackets next school year which started in a couple of weeks. The Kinne family was well known in the valley for their growing herd of Polled Hereford cattle. They had actually been the inspiration a few years earlier for Bart Bevins starting the cheap moncler jackets mens Bevins herd of the same breed. Karla had raised a Hereford calf each of her two prior years in the program and had been successful in showing the calves at the local fair. The school project had required keeping many records of the development of the calf as well as doing cheap moncler jackets womens the actual work, of course. Kari expected to do the same, she said, but was concerned about being compared to her older sister. Karla was encouraging her sister, offering support, and saying it was a great FFA project that was hard to beat.

Heather said she hoped to do something related to her horse interest this year, but had not yet determined exactly what would be appropriate. As they sat there in the Ice Cream Parlor discussing cattle and horses, they had to chuckle among themselves noting that most girls would probably be talking about boys or men and dates or clothes, not their moncler outlet store animal projects. Heather knew that moncler outlet prices her friends were serious about cattle and their farm as a career, just as she was getting serious about a career with horses. It didn’t seem strange, at all, to them.

Monday came around quicklyAs normal on a Monday, Heather had arrived at the stables very early in the morning to carry out her normal chores routines with the horses she and Cletus had agreed were her responsibility on this day. There moncler outlet woodbury were no trail rides on the schedule for this Monday, so she had agreed to spend the middle of the day working at the Mill. She then returned in the More moncler outlet https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz late afternoon to attend to more of the chores moncler womens jackets there. Among the first things she noticed upon arrival was that both Shadow and Chase were not in the barn. “I wonder if Christopher is out for a ride this afternoon,” crossed through her mind. She moncler uk outlet looked out across the pasture, but didn’t see them. Several of moncler outlet online the trails went off into the timber along the river, of course, so it was more likely than not that she would not be able to see him. She went on about her work.

After about a half hour, Heather noticed that Christopher on Shadow, followed by Chase, running back and forth and around them, were coming up the trail across the pasture returning to the barn at the stables. uk moncler sale She kept at her tasks, said “Hi, nice to see you. Have a good ride?” as he unsaddled nearby. He replied, “Wonderful ride. Thanks!” He seemed a bit distracted, so she let it go at that, and kept busy, but available, if he needed any assistance. She cheap moncler sale knew that he was best moncler jackets enjoying learning to take care of his horse, properly, after a ride, himself. If he was in a hurry, or wanted assistance with anything, he would ask. Before long, Christopher finished with his work, waved goodbye, and headed out to his car and left.

About fifteen or twenty minutes after Christopher left, Jennifer came through the barn door from the parking lot. “Anything I need to know?” she asked the barn in general, Cletus on one side and Heather on the other, in specific. Having been gone all day, sometimes things would happen that needed her attention. Cletus replied, “No, not today. Thanks for asking. Everything went just fine, today.” “Great!” was Jennifer’s reply. Heather added, “Find any new ancestors today?” She knew that Jennifer had gone up to Independence to cheap moncler coats mens the Family History Library doing research on this Monday, her ‘day off.’ “Nothing really specific today, just some good background information out of Kentucky,” Jennifer replied. “Grandma had said her McDonald family came from Kentucky to Missouri. I found a number of folks who had done that around the years she said, but nothing specific to our family today. Just a lot of fun reading about it.” Heather replied, “Good for you. I need to talk to you more uk moncler outlet about that stuff one day.” “We’ll do that, for sure!” Jennifer replied, and was back out the door, headed in the direction of her apartment. These newly included details may have been left out of the earlier stories moncler sale outlet through editing or they may have seemed unrelated to central themes at the time. With the expansion of the entire Saga, over the years, it has become obvious that filling in some of the gaps in the story for overall better understanding of the individuals, their families, and their interactions would be useful to The Homeplace Saga body of work in total. These episodes discount moncler jackets parallel the timeline of “The Homeplace Revisited” novel in this series.

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