Using some help from your legs

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Unfortunately you can not repartition your HD while still having windows on it (and booting into it). I mean theoretically you can, but some data loss might be inevitable. So it has to be done through dos on a boot disk (partition magic includes a boot disk)..

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Settle under the bar and grab it with a palms forward, thumb locked grip about twice as wide as shoulder width. With the bar across your clavicles, carefully lift it off the rack pins and take a full step backward. Using some help from your legs, press and lock the weight overhead so that your arms are fully extended.

AMD has for years been marketing themselves as being a cost effective platform for consumers. Nothing has changed there as AMD still claims they offer equal, if not better gaming performance, on the FX 8150 when compared to the Intel Core i7 980X. Those readers that know how to overclock might laugh at a slide like this as you can buy an Intel Core i7 950 processor for $199 and overclock it and the platforms would be at the same cost..

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