Therefore, please provide additional evidence of education

Is ITU accredited

cheap jordan slippers Brooks College Branch Campus is the only accredited schooling listed in Sunnyvale, CA. with The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) or with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. cheap jordan slippers

cheap authentic retro jordans Under the History section of ITU’s website it does discuss the schools accreditation. There are a number of contacts listed who, I am sure, would be more than willing to answer any question you may have pertaining to your educational needs. cheap authentic retro jordans

cheap jordans mens size 9 The EDBA program offered by International Technological University is not, and has not been cheap jordans on sale approved by cheap jordans sale ACICS. Thank you cheap Air max shoes again for your patience and good cheap jordans shoes luck with your studies. cheap jordans mens size 9

cheap jordans size 13 Tim SloupAccrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools cheap jordans size 13

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Washington DC 20002 4241You can call ACICS and find out ITU is really a degree mill which sale non accredited, non approved cheap jordans for sale bogus degrees. Be careful.

cheap jordans real authentic The RFE is asking for evidence to cheap jordan sneakers show that my degree is from an accredited university or not in order for me to qualify to apply in the EB2 (masters category). The Exact RFE words are as follows cheap jordans real authentic

cheap jordans size 7 “””In reviewing USCIS sources specific to accreditation, it cannot be found that the International Technological University has received accreditation from an acceptable source. An alien who has not received a degree from an accredited college or university does not qualify as a member of the professions within the statute granting preference classification. Therefore, please provide additional evidence of education accreditation for the school(s) from an institutional accrediting agency or evidence the alien obtained the required Degree from an accredited educational institution before September 9, 2010. Also; evidence of education must be in the form of an official record from an accredited educational institution showing the name of the alien, dates of attendance, area of concentration of study, and date of degree award, if any.”””” cheap jordans size 7

cheap authentic jordans for sale HELP > > Please can you tell me what is the best way to satisfy this RFE cheap authentic jordans for sale

cheap jordans uk I would give a nagative rating if possible. This is the worst college I have put my self in. From Day one, I and some of my friends had the worst experiences with this college. Nothing is organised. No body is responsible. cheap jordans uk

authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap When I first joined I thought the staff were very friendly and helping. I paid the fee and completed my first semester and When I went to pay cheap yeezys my fee for the 2nd semester, they told me that I’m not their studet at all and my SEVIS has not been transfered. When I questioned them about why I was not told about it, they realized that my SEVIS was expired a couple of months ago as they were so irresponsible that they didnot update my entry in to the country and my course work. Some how, I got reinstated after 6 month after I applied for one. I finally graduated and applied for OPT and it got approved. After working for almost 6months, I suddenly got an email saying that I did not complet my course work. I have no idea how they said I have graduated and issued me an OPT I 20, without checking if I have completed my course work. I told them that I have completed and submitted all my course work. They didn’t bother to check their records and made me doo all the final semester work in 1 week. I did and now after I almost worked for 10 months, I contacted the university for OPT extension I 20. I did not get any cheap jordans free shipping reply or ten days. After a couple of reminder emails I sent, they told me that they raised a request for a change of status from “requested” to “approved.” That means they didnt even realise almost for an year if their studet’s SEVIS has been properly updated or not. and now they are telling me that they can’t expedite the process. f fools authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap

cheap vogue jordans Oh I got an email from them just now, while I’m writing this review, saying that they raised a ticket for the change only yesterday, when I have been reqesting them cheap jordans from china for my I 20 since 10 days. See how responsible they are. man. from cheap jordans online day one I never had peace of mind because of the visa problems this university created for me. cheap vogue jordans

cheap jordans retro 6 Many of my friends had the same visa problems. cheap jordans retro 6

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cheap jordan basketball shoes Please don’t apply for this university and put your cheap jordans in china self and your visa status Cheap jordans in stake. pls don’t cheap jordan basketball shoes

cheap but real jordans helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment shareMy questions cheap jordans china is related to the topic already discussed here and so am posting it here. cheap but real jordans

I cheap jordans from china am doing my Masters at San Jose State University (SJSU), California and am planning to transfer to a different course that comes under STEM category at International Technological University (ITU), California. ITU only recently got its accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the same agency that has accredited SJSU. SJSU has very good reputation, however ITUstudents who passed out before ITU was accredited face several issues in getting OPT(came to know from their personal experience) and GC as mentioned here. The reason I am changing to ITU is because 1. It is cheaper and easier to graduate from I am finding it difficult to manage the studies at SJSU 2. ITU offers option to work on CPT right from the beginning. However I have several questions that I think only members here can answer.

1. Will there be any issues in getting OPT after graduating from ITU? I heard that there are delays in OPT of students from ITU but does OPT delay depends on individual or USCIS in the particular state or it does matter whether from which university I graduate from?

where can i get jordans for cheap 2. One of my friend warned me stating cheap air force that to be problem free while applying for H1B or Green Card where they would do background verification of the applicant, one has to make sure they graduate from a university that will retain its accreditation and remain problem free at least some 4 cheap air jordan or 5 years after one graduate from that university. I would like to know if it is true? ITU is and will stand accredited for my entire duration of study there. However, with all respect to ITU, it is not as cheap adidas big as SJSU and it previously faced issues because it allowed students to work on CPT way early. So the risk factor is always there. So does it really matter if the univ I graduate should also be maintaining its standard,accredition or be trouble free till I get my H1B or even Green Card where can i get jordans for cheap.

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