Semi collapsed and rickety bridges foreshadowed the trouble

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moncler outlet sale TYLER, TX (KLTV) The event addressed a variety of topics including education, healthcare, and it also focused on the needs of the parishioners and their ideas for the future. While some were invited to attend the meeting one East Texas community leader says she was not on the invite list.Pastor Reginald Garrett of New Days Community Church welcomed Governor Abbott to speak with the African American community in a closed meeting.Dr. Shirley McKellar, who is challenging Congressman Louie Gohmert for the district 1 seat, says she asked the pastor if the meeting could be open to the public.”So I spoke with him and he did tell me that it was for pastors only and I said ‘well, we’ve been trying to get the governor to East Texas to the African American community for quite some time,'” she says.While the pastor did inform McKellar that the meeting was not open to the public, she was later put on a list to attend by the pastor’s assistant James Jones.But when the day arrived, she was told she couldn’t come.”So I receive this phone call back from Mr moncler outlet sale.

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