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2005 was a year of transition for Nike Skateboarding. The SB Dunk line had by this point become a phenomenon, and would only continue to rise. Around this centerpiece, the rest of the lineup began changing, with established models put aside in favor of a set of new silos. The Angus, E-Cue and Delta Force (which had one single drop in ’06) were phased out, and in their place came the Zoom Tre AD, Paul Rodriguez’ first Swoosh signature shoe, more new styles from the Zoom FC and the addition of Beaverton’s first basketball shoe.The overwhelming success of the Dunk suggested the Nike SB Blazer could have huge potential as it was a popular model to skate in back in the day. And indeed, judging by the fact that it’s been in continuous circulation for nearly nine years, the addition of another hoop shoe old school skaters had rocked out of necessity proved successful. Like the Dunk, the Blazer SB added Zoom Air cushioned insoles but kept the classic vulc sole, a combo concept targeting both comfort and boardfeel that informs many of today’s LunarLon designs. The SB Blazer sort of encapsulates the entire history of Nike, so its enduring popularity is only natural. Let’s examine some of its highlights over the past decade:“Mission” by Real Skateboards (July 2005)As detailed in our Nike SB Archives entry on the Team Manager Series, Real Skateboards’ ‘Mission’ Blazer SB hit at the start of the second half of 2005. It was the second Nike SB Blazer released, the model’s first ever collaboration and set the tone for future storytelling with the classic pre-italic ‘NIKE’ script replaced by some San Francisco shout out embroidery matching the shoe’s nickname.Thrasher 25th Anniversary (January 2006)The longest running skate publication now that Skateboarder Magazine is gone, Thrasher teamed up with Nike SB to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a Vegas Gold and black Blazer. Contrast stitching throughout culminated in ‘Skate and Destroy’ mag’s iconic script taking over the heel embroidery.Supreme (April 2006)After dropping two SB Dunk Lows in 2002 and three Highs in ’03, it was only natural for Supreme’s first Nike SB Blazer collab to include multiple pairs. Another terrific trio treated the Blazer to luxurious quilted leather and snake colorways set off by Gucci-inspired heel details. Logos cut into the tongue and heel leather further set Supreme’s Blazer SBs apart from any before or since.“Milkcrate” by Fly (May 2007)We were reintroduced to Shanghai skateshop Fly’s unique eye for collab concepts with their recent barbershop-themed Dunks. A few years earler, Fly dropped the ‘Milkcrate’ Premium Blazer SB, a design based on Chinese milk cartons that includes an image of Fly owner Jeff ‘missing’ on the heels.“Vanilla Ice” (May 2007)The Blazer’s entry for the ‘Fallen Heroes’ pack remodeled the classic hightop with stars arching down to the Swooshes. We just mentioned Fly’s Dunks, but the Vanilla Ice Blazers might be the single best hair-graphic insoles on any SB ever. Beaverton avoided another ‘Under Pressure’ situation by most explicitly referencing Rob Van Winkle’s famously frosted quiff.“Trickstar” (July 2008)BMX made its Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008. Nike SB celebrated the occasion with Dunk and Blazer SBs colored after the original gold Trickstar BMX bike, which debuted in 1986 as the most expensive on the market.Michael Lau (August 2008)Michael Lau also got in on the Beijing Olympics BMX festivites with one of his Nike SB collabs. Lau’s Blazers were rather limited (reports vary on the actual numbers).  The sun graphics made the Varsity Maize colorway quite unique but the visual was arguably not nearly as spectacular as the ‘muddy’ special packaging.“Motorcycle Jacket” by Lance Mountain (November 2008)Following his orange suede teamup with Craig Stecyk earlier in the year men nike shoes sale , Lance Mountain ended 2008 with the first Blazer SB Elite drop in November. This rich black leather pair was inspired by classic motorcycle jackets and included Varsity Red on the quilted lining that, along with the reinforced eyelets, is the quickest way to tell the Elites apart on sight.“Blood Splatter” (October 2009)Owing to the model’s classic construction, most Blazer designs are relatively simple. This ‘Blood Splatter’ Premium edition was easily the most expressive of the eighteen colorways to release across the high and lowtop silhouettes in 2009, the most SB Blazers released in any single year.“Lost” (January 2010)ABC’s Lost was one of the most successful network series in recent memory. Nike SB celebrated the pending final season of the epic show with a pair inspired by the Dharma Initiative. The beige upper matches their uniforms while the ‘SHOE’ heel hit and insole graphics refer to supplies distributed on the show’s island.

Nike SB Archives: Blazers of Glory

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