In this video, I reveal how the Horsetail herb allows your body

Aluminum is a toxic metal that damages your brain, accelerating Alzheimer and dementia. No wonder the vaccine industry puts it into the vaccines, huh? In combination with mercury, another potent neurotoxin, aluminum ravages the brain, causing permanent brain damage that quite literally leading to the Vaccine Rage wave of insanity and mental illness now sweeping our society.Vectors of aluminum exposure include vaccines, over the counter medications (antacids are often loaded with aluminum), cookware and even deodorants which are typically made with aluminum salts. (The Health Ranger Store offers non aluminum deodorants as a safer alternative.)But how do you remove aluminum from your body in a safe, natural and affordable way? The answer is found in the humble Horsetail herb that grows like a weed in many regions of the Americas.In this video, I reveal how the Horsetail herb allows your body to remove aluminum, a toxic metal, from your blood by forming large hydroxyaluminosilicate molecules Replica Celine Bags, which your kidneys can easily filter out of your blood.

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